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Board Of Directors


Mirela Hardy 


Mirela Hardy is a naturalized American citizen, originally from Romania. She has an educational background in political science and over twenty-five years of work experience in banking and finance, Mirela has a deep commitment to assisting veterans and rescuing animals. Her business acumen supports the financial operations of US Kennels, and her service is grounded in principles of empathy and compassion.

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Chris Hardy

Executive Director

Chris Hardy is the founder and head trainer at USK. He is an Eastern Shore native from Salisbury. He joined the Army in 1989 and served multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with the 82nd Airborne Division. He has extensive experience in dog training including bomb detection, search and rescue, tracking and patrol, as well as civilian applications. He is a recipient of numerous awards and a member of the National K-9 Association, War Dogs Association, and Pro Dog Trainer Association.

Linda Amos.jpg

Linda Amos


Linda Amos is currently volunteering as the acting treasurer for US Kennels Inc. She was introduced to Chris & Mirela Hardy (the founders of US Kennels, Inc) in 2017. Linda currently lives in Salisbury Md and has lived on the Delmarva Peninsula since 1972. Well before Linda became a board of directors member, Linda and her husband attended board meetings. During these meetings, she listened, learned, and fell in love with the plans to reach out to veterans. Linda displays her compassion and commitment to US Kennels Inc by participating in numerous fundraising events and volunteer opportunities over the years; She has always been an active supportive participant with each group. Overall, we are thrilled and honored by the opportunity for Linda to be a part of the US Kennels, Inc. Team!

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Karis Graham

Board Member

Reverend Dr. Karis Graham served more than 33+ years as an active duty and reserve military chaplain. She is also a three-war veteran. She  earned three Master's degrees, a Bachelors degree, and PhD. She lives in Cambridge with her Wadi dog from Oman.

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Dorie Cernobyl

Board Member


Friends of the Board


Brian Whitman

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Bill Amos


Steve Wilson

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