Our Story

While Chris was in Afghanistan in 2006 he was training dogs. One day he went to this little medical hospital that was set up over there. While he was visiting the hospital Chris met a little girl. This little girl had burns all over her body and she never wants to smile or have any contact with anyone. However, when she saw the dog with Chris she started to reach up trying to make contact which amazed everyone. In that moment the dog, Dirk, made a difference and Chris noticed this.
After this experience Chris realized that if the dog could have such and impact on this little girl, than dogs might also have a positive affect on other military personnel and Veterans. So, the following day he returned to the same hopsital with the dog, Dirk, and saw a big change. This sparked Chris's dream to help his fellow Brothers in Arms.
Chris, who suffers from PTSD, is passionate about helping his fellow disabled veterans. In 2014, Him and his wife, Mirela Hardy, founded U.S. Kennels Incorporated with a goal of providing free services, included fully trained service dogs, to help Veterans deal with their particular issues. 
 The facility opened in 2017 with Chris works tirelessly to find appropriate dogs in shelters around the Shore, match them with a Veteran in need, and training them together for a year or more to meet the needs of the Veteran's. U.S. Kennels Inc. has blossomed with more than 30 Veterans and dogs currently in training.
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